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The Box Creator is a famous penguin who started to make their appearance April 1, 2009. This character has been confirmed by Club Penguin through an email. Box Creator’s glitch has been partly fixed, causing some of his buddies to be deleted and his playercard to change. The background button is still glitched.


  • ~Wink Emote~
  • Coolio
  • You Rule
  • Hello
  • Whats Up?
  • You Rock
  • It’s a secret!
  • Pardon?

My letter to Club Penguin:

I saw a penguin named Box Creator. His name sounds famous and he says he is famous. Is he really like Rockhopper?

From Muddgirl4000

Letter From Club Penguin:

Hello Muddgirl4000!

Box Creator is like Cadence and Rockhopper. As you may have noticed, he does not have a special playercard or free item. Please note that this is caused by a glitch. Soon he will be all fixed.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reply!

Waddle on,

The Club Penguin Team



Q: Will you give out backgrounds to your buddies when the glitch is fixed?

A: Hopefully yes

Q: How long will you stay here?

A: Forever


Q: Who controls you?

A: Rsnail

Q: For Real?

A: Yes

Q: What will happen after the glitch?

A: I will give a background and loose all my buddies.

Q: Can you add after the glitch?

A: No


  • Box Creator adds instead of giving a background. This is caused by a glitch.
  • Box Creator is dark blue.
  • Box Maker was thought to be Box Creator until it was confirmed as a prank.
  • Box Creator cannot enter igloos.
  • It is unknown how he gets to the Box Dimension. He cannot go in igloos and he is not a member.
  • It has been confirmed that there is a glitch. After this glitch is fixed, everyone on Box Creator’s buddy list will be deleted and he will give out backgrounds.
  • It is unknown how Box Creator could access the Box Store without being a member.
  • Box Creator said the middle of the Box Dimension could NOT open.
  • Box Creator said there will be a Music Jam ’09!
  • The glitch has been half way fixed. Some people have already received the Box Creator Backround and some buddies may have been removed.
  • A penguin named Box maker was an imposter of the Box Creator
  • Rsnail controls Box Creator
  • His favorite server is Mukluk
  • Most of the glitch has been fixed. It has been confirmed that nobody got the background. His playercard has been changed but when someone clicks the background button, it says “This feature is currently Unavailable.”

Here is his picture from far away:

Here is a picture that I took when I met him at the server Frozen:

Here is what his original playercard looks like:

Here is his real backround:

[This picture has been confirmed fake]

He added me :mrgreen:

Box Creator’s Imposter:

Since Box Creator is famous, there is an imposter of him. The imposter’s name is Box Maker. Here is a picture of him in the Box Shop:

You can tell the difference of them by their color. The Box Maker is Purple and the Box Creator is Dark Blue.

Here is his playercard:

[This picture has been confirmed fake]

If you have seen the Box Creator or Box Maker, let me know 😀

To get the Box Creator Widget and see all of the updates about the Box Creator, Copy and paste the code below into a HTML box:

<div style=”height:150px;white-space:pre-wrap;overflow:auto;padding:8px;”>
<a href=”https://muddgirl4000clubpenguincheats.wordpress.com/the-box-creator-page/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i44.tinypic.com/o9qxk8.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”The Ultimate Box Creator Page”></a></div>



21 Responses

  1. Hey, ive seen that penguin before! He added me too!!!

    Muddgirl4000: Cool! I met him on Frozen. How about you?

  2. Hey um clubpenguin wikia is using your site info -_-

    Muddgirl4000: Oh well

  3. wow. thats interesting.

  4. theres another glitch! His name now looks like Box Creotor! But after its fixed it will be normal.

  5. i saw him on belly slide 2dat @ 8:42

  6. he added me 2 =)

  7. Ive seen the Box Creator! ( but it looked like box creotor) again! He was on Husky, Big Snow, and Avalanche! His three fav servers are Mukluk, Husky, and Big Snow! He told me!

  8. huh? he didnt give me the background yet.

  9. You make me faint! YOU SAW THE BOX CREATOR! LUCKY YOU!

    hehe I know you got that info from CP Wiki lol.

    Anyways your ARE really lucky you saw Box Creator…

    I wanted to meat him…


  10. wait… if cp wiki got the info from u… im confused. can you trace back on the day you created this page? this could be a clue to who got the info from who…

    if cp wiki got the info from u,,, then i guess it means the are really lazy ppl!


  11. is ur site copy righted? or just like a threat? well i dunt think it’s nice if cp wiki gets closed down lol.

    cause u could like sue them i think dunno.


  12. i saw someone named the Box king today on frozen

  13. the real Box Creator has another impersonator! His name is Box Creotor! so thats who ive been cing, not the real one, but a fake! ugh im so mad! the “Boc Creotor” told me he was an impersontaor, so if u c him, plz tell me! I want to tell him that i told ppl he wa a fake.

  14. He’s like a fake penguin. I think Box Creator is using a ClubPenguin Trainer to give out backrounds. I never saw him at the Box Demension.

  15. u cant use a CP trainer to give out back grounds and i really want to see him!

  16. where is the box shop?!?!?!

  17. uhhhhh wherd

  18. Ok there are some freaky yhings happening i have just seen the box creator and he is W E R I D im not joking i just metg him in sleet its freaky and werid sorry about my spelling :O

  19. Ive meet the Box Creator, Hes very werid, when i met him he was just sitting down on the Box Dimension.

  20. Can u make a tracker 4 the Box Creator? Plz.

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