*Shadow Troopers

I have decided to make an army! It is called Shadow Troopers!

Here is the Member outfit (Boys):

Member Outfit (Girls):

Non-Member Outfit:

I will tell you if we will be doing anything with our army. Also, if you dont have all of these items, thats ok. Wear as many as you can.



7 Responses

  1. can i join?

  2. anyone can join. there will be a meeting soon. when a lot of people visit my site 😀

  3. nice customization of clothings!

    maybe more selections?

    Muddgirl4000: I will try to make more. Thanks!

  4. id love to join ur army! i think…but i already joined lux’s so….

  5. I like the clothes but I dont have the black parka. I really want to join!

  6. I have dat stuff i wana jion!

    Muddboy4000: Your now part of the team

  7. hi, im a BIIIIG fan of ur website. The only item i have though is the night vision goggles. Is it okay if i wear that and dark clothes?p.s. i do have tha noir background too

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