Our Awesome Party Review

Hey everyone!

Its Muddgirl and Muddboy here saying we had a great time at our party!Heres a walkthrough of what we did in the party!

We started at the forest,

Next, we went to the mountian to dance and smile,

After the mountian we decided to go to the Town! A ton of people came to our party near the end!

It was extremely fun!
Dont forget our featured people:

1. Baby Nea! [She stayed for the whole party!]

2. 9iceman! [He was also here for the whole party]

3. Alm33! [He was energetic ad loved the party]

Thanks EVERYONE who came and had a great time!
I think that was our best party yet!

Dont forget to come to our next one!

This was made by our Friend Taker985!

Thanks Taker =D

Here were the 2 special people to get added!

Muddgirl4000 got to add Baby Nea!
Muddboy4000 got to add Penutbuter!

Thanks for coming!
Waddle on and on and on!

~Muddboy4000 & Muddgirl4000~


Muddgirl4000’s Super Fall Fair Extravaganza

Hey Everyone!

School is back in for me and my brother so thats why we havent posted a lot.
To make it up, we are having our 20000 hits party! Yay!

Heres the invitation:

Please put this invite on your blog and get others to come! If were lucky we might have some special guests!


My 100 Subs Party!

Hey Pink Ster here with some details about my 100 subs party!!!!!!!

heres the vid

Please come!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Until Next Time…………..Waddle Off!!!

-Pink Ster


Hi its Pink Ster and im quitting. I got hacked my site is deleted! Bye!

-Pink Ster

Festival Of Flight!

Hey Pink Ster here with the cheats to the FOF.

You can get a free green propeller cap at the Plaza

You can get a free jetpack at the Tallest Mountain

How to get to the Tallest Mountain:

1. Go to the Forest.

2. Take a ride on the hot air balloon.

3. Take the exit when you arrive at the Tallest Mountain

Well i dont rlly like the island being in the air, cp just has to keep changing everything! i miss old cp.

Well Until Next Time………Waddle Off!

-Pink Ster

Spike Man8’s Website

Hey guys i got this website just got over 1000 hits so if u click here u will be lead to my website about cp cheats

~Spike Man8~

Sneek Peek: Series 4 Treasure Book

Hello Penguins!

Today I got a sneek peek of the fourth treasure book. Here it is:

I cant wait until it really comes out! When it does I want the Exclusives.

What do you want? Click here to leave a comment!

~Muddgirl4000 and Muddboy4000