*How to Become a Ninja

If you are having a hard time trying to earn belts, you can see how many wins you need for each one:

  • White belt – 5 total Battles needed.
  • Yellow belt – 13 total Battles needed.
  • Orange belt – 21 total Battles needed.
  • Green belt – 30 total Battles needed.
  • Blue belt – 40 total Battles needed.
  • Red belt – 52 total Battles needed.
  • Purple belt – 64 total Battles needed.
  • Brown belt – 76 total Battles needed.
  • Black belt – 88 total Battles needed.
  • legend21

    When you earn the Black Belt, battle Sensei. It will take a while until you beat him. Battle him a couple times. Eventually, he will be as good as you. Beat him to get the Ninja mask and access to the secret Ninja Hideout!



    Here is a picture of the secret hideout:

     Ninja Hideout.PNG

    Here is the Ninja Catalog:


    Ninja Outfit: 1000 Coins


    Hand Gong: 400 Coins


    Rice Paper Wall Screen: 500 Coins


    Stone Lantern: 575 Coins


    Dojo Igloo: 5000 Coins

    Here are the new items:

     White Gi – 800 Coins


    Tea Table (Furniture Item) – 650 Coins




    3 Responses

    1. cool thx abunch

    2. I became a ninja on Thanksgiving. Being a ninja is cool because you can be invisible (kinda invisible but not really)!

    3. for a black blet is it 88 wins from the last belt or is it all together

      Box Creator: all togethor

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