*Club Penguin Funny Fill In

Here is a cool game that I have made up. All you have to do is type in words in the pictures. You don’t understand? Ok then. Here is an example to help:


See the Empty talk bubbles? Try to fill something funny in.

Don’t know how? See how below:

1. Save the picture in the folder My Pictures
2. Find and click on the picture
3. Then push Edit Picture
4. When your going to edit the picture, click on Text
5. Then type in your funny phrases

This only works on Windows. I dont know about Mac because I dont have one.

Here is the list of pictures to use:

Uh Oh:

A Visitor:




5 Responses

  1. Umm mudd did you take this from the fan art or did you make this pic because I saw it on the art page on clubpenguin.com

    Muddgirl4000: yeah it was on clubpenguin.com but i changed rockhoppers expression and the bubbles are blank now.

  2. That was funny when a red penguin was screaming “ROCKHOPPER!” It’s more funnier with blanks on the bubbles.

  3. wow.

  4. haha. i made gary say “here, take this. i don`t need it cause it`s been broken for twelve years now.” and rockhopper was saying “why? every thing you have has been broken since you moved to the bottom of the ocean.” and his puffle said ” you need to brush your beak.” and the random penguin said “hmm. two poor philistines.” bwaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!

    Muddboy4000: Oh my god that hilarious! If you can upload it somewhere and get me a link ill post it on this page 😀

  5. Holey!!!! Rock hopper look HALIROUS those pics are awesome!!! Did you make ’em Ur self?there awesome!!!!

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