*CP Ipod Music


Ever wished you had that music from Club Penguin on your Ipod? Here you can download all the room background musics, igloo musics, party musics, and game musics FOR FREE! These are the property of Club Penguin, not me.  I took them directly off the CP server, converted them, and put them in a place that you could download them from. Please remember that these are the property of Club Penguin, not me.

These downloads have no spyware, viruses, adware or malware. They have been scanned with updated versions of AVG Free Edition, ZoneAlarm Pro, Spysweeper with Anti-virus, Spyware Doctor with Antivirus, Ad-Aware, Spyware Terminator with Clam AV Ariva Antivirus and Spybot.

For instructions on uploading these songs onto your ipod, Click Here

Mission End – Download

The Stage Background Music

Space Adventure – Download

Twelfth Fish – Download

Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal – Download

Team Blue – Download

The Penguins That Time Forgot – Download

Quest for Golden Puffle – Download

Room Background Music

Coffee Shop – Download

HQ – Download

Pizza Shop – Download

Rock Hopper’s Ship – Download

Night Club – Download

Igloo Background Music Beach Mix – Download

Cool Surf – Download

Dance Mix 1 – Download

Dance Mix 2 – Download

Driving Guitar – Download

Folk Guitar – Download

Hard Rock – Download

Ocean Voyage – Download

Party Background Music

Medieval Party 1 – Download

Medievel Party 2 – Download

Medievel Party 3 – Download

Medievel Party 4 – Download

Medievel Party 5 – Download

April Fools 2008 Dance Club – Download

April Fools 2008 CP Improvment Project: Town – Download

Rockhopper’s Ship Rescue 2, in Dance Club – Download

Rockhopper’s Ship Rescue 1 – Download

Winter Fiesta – Download

Christmas Party 2007 1 – Download

Christmas Party 2007 2 – Download

Christmas Party 2007 3 – Download

Western Party/Suprise Party – Download

Camp Penguin 1 – Download

Camp Penguin 2 – Download

Camp Penguin 3 – Download

Christmas Party 1 – Download

Christmas Party 2 (Also used in Summer Party) – Download

Fall Fair – Download

Puffle Paddle Music (Fall Fair) – Download

Halloween Party 1 – Download

Halloween Party 2 – Download

Halloween Party 3 – Download

Summer Party – Download

Water Party 1 – Download

Water Party 2 – Download

Water Party 3 – Download

Water Party 4 – Download

Game Background Music

Aqua Grabber – Download

Catchin’ Waves – Download

Cart Surfur – Download

Hydro Hopper (Balastic Bistcut) – Download

Ice Fishing – Download

Jet Pack Adventure – Download

Pizzatron 3000 – Download

Thin Ice – Download

Bean Counters – Download

Puffle Round Up – Download



12 Responses

  1. I promise there are no viruses if you download these 🙂


    I’m going to make a widit for it. (If I can though)

    I wish there were more songs…


    Muddgirl4000: I am glad that you like them but I cant make any more because I was using the trial for box.com and now its over. I will have to pay but im broke 😦

  3. oooooohhhh, i c.

    can i be possible to make a “dummy email” to do it?

    u don’t have to, just wondering…


    Muddgirl4000: Well there is another reason I cant do anymore. My computer wont let me because it is so messed up. Box.com wont load :/

  4. *can it be

  5. ah ic

  6. Update: I made a widget

  7. thats soooo kewl!

  8. Blogs like this are why I use the internet.

  9. what is the cp music page????

    Muddboy4000: The page you just commented on =/

  10. how do you make widgets?

    Muddgirl4000: I just use paint XD

  11. visit my blog http://www.zondacpcheats.blogspot.com
    awesome music
    Beach Mix rox

  12. hi im just wondering if you can get more recent songs, ie. planet y and anchovies jazz thx that’s it

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