*Club Penguin Cheats

~Make Unlimited Penguins Cheat~

With this club penguin cheat you will be able to create as many accounts as you want from just one email address!

You MUST use a Gmail email account for this cheat to work.

Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/create_account/

1. Click the Club Penguin Rules box and press continue.
2. Choose your penguin color and press continue.
3. Next choose a penguin name and continue.
4. Now enter a password for your penguin and Click the terms of use box.
5. Now here’s the important part:
6. When entering your email add +1 just before the @gmail.com

Example:  my email is jenuton@gmail.com

I entered jenuton+1@gmail.com

If adding +1 doesn’t work then add +111.

Now even if that email address has already the maximum of 5 club penguin accounts created on it, it will still work!
~Send a Letter to Sys (Club Penguin Team)~

There are 2 ways of doing this cheat.
Both ways you will have to do it quickly.

Way #1

1. Log on to Club Penguin
2. Click on your mail
3. As fast as you can push reply to buddy (You must have a Postcard from Club Penguin first)
4. Choose a postcard

This is what it should look like:

Way #2

1. Log on to Club Penguin
2. Click your mail
3. Look for a postcard sent to you by a penguin
4. Push Trash
5. As fast as you can click on reply to buddy (Like before, you need a postcard from Club Penguin first in your mail)

This sometimes happens:


This is only because Club Penguin Gets a lot of  Letters.

~Never Released Items~

Club Penguin has some items that they heve never released.
Here is a list:

Black Football Helmet (Member Item):

Bling Bling Medallion (Member Item): Cost 600

Angel Halo: Cost 0 Coins

Earring: Cost 75 Coins

Orange Jumper: Cost 450 Coins

Cement Shoes: Cost 5 Coins

Black Soccer Outfit: Cost ? Coins

~Put An Account That Isnt Yours On Parent Account~

You find an account thats really rare & non member then send CP team a message saying the membership code used to make the penguin a member (need membership gift card) and ask them to put on parent account. Then change pass!


4 Responses

  1. Cool! thx for the help!

  2. how d oyou get those items

  3. Hey!

    Wow your site has gotten so much better since the last time i visited 😀 Awesome job! It would be awesome for you to add these site to your blogroll: http://penguincheatscp.com and http://cpclubpenguin.org. It would really mean a lot and would so cool if you did! I can’t wait to visit again! 😀


    Sure thing dude 😀

  4. hey this is soo kwl

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