*Beta Madness

This is the page where I show all the beta’s I have met!

Here they are:

1. Coco

2. Shadow727

3. Kurt Angle

4. Fano

(Fano is the nicest beta I have ever met)

5. Phat Fano


~More to come~


6 Responses

  1. Yo what up! do you know my blog? Can you send me a comment I always wanted a famous penguin to sent me a comment so can you please send a comment to http://clubpenguingoodcheatscp.wordpress.com/ please!

  2. Im a beta! Just use my avatar pic!

  3. i’ve meet a beta Big Dane
    and he added me 🙂
    he is very nice

  4. racoonhopper is a beta

  5. Ive seen a penguin moonwalking on Frozen his name was Waddle Beta’Check out my blog @ http://www.zondacpcheats.blogspot.com

  6. wow im a friend of zubby

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