*Become Famous in 5 Steps

Step 1 on how to be famous

First to be famous you dont want to be mean to people. You want to go on club penguin and be nice to people so they will tell people how nice you are and they will tell people etc and before you know it tons of people could like you. Then you can make a blog or website. When you get it advertise it. Or when it is on google tell people to search you. Dont do it where it is not allowed though because it gets some people mad. When you have a blog or site you should update it everyday and get all the new news. Also ask people who have a ton of hits to put you on your blogroll.

Step 2 on how to be famous

Another way is to have a youtube account. You can make videos and then advertise about them. If they are really good people will tell other people about them. Then when you go on club penguin everyone will crowd around you hoping you will make a video. I personally like the Club Penguin tv a lot because music videos and other videos can be really hard but they are awesome if you are good at them.

Step 3 on how to be famous

Another way to be famous is to be nice on club penguin. You can play games with people and send them a good game card after, you can tell people where the pin is if they ask or better lead them to it, you can ask people how they are and just nice things. Also if you have famous people on your buddy list so if they post their buddy list anywhere you would be on it.

Step 4 on how to be famous

Another good way is to wear cool clothes. If you have old clothes people will think you are really cool. Also if you make a cool outfit and other people start to where it they might start asking who made it up and you can say you did. Then everyone will think you are cool becuase you have cool outfits.

Step 5 on how to be famous

Another way is to get a chat or bribble. A lot of famous people have them so you can talk to them and become friends with them and hang out with them on club penguin. Also on the chat you can talk about your blog or website and then they will go to it and then if they like it they might tell other famous people about it.


34 Responses

  1. can u add vvoomo on your blog roll please

  2. add Alisontaylor on! cool steps….

  3. Maybe someday I will be famous on CP. I always wanted to be famous and be on YouTube!

  4. yea check out my new chat at

  5. hey can u add me to your blog roll since your like really famous now heres the link and my cp name

  6. hey can u add me to your blog roll please
    heres my link if u need it http://cyberpenguins.forumotions.com/forum.htm
    and my cpname: jonasbnick
    thank you so much if you do 🙂

  7. Hey It Would Be Nice 4 U Too Check Out One Of My Vids On Youtube Heres My Site:
    I Think I Have Two Vids!!!

    Box Creator: Cool Videos!

  8. ive been maing some vids but they rnt on any website or anything. i really want 1 tho…..i mite be making 1 soom tho!

  9. I did the YouTube signing up step and I commented on my favorite videos.

  10. ummmmm.I think I have more coins than you.

  11. Hi Mudd! Heres my YouTube account: http://youtube.com/user/Cutie657392
    You can subscribe me or add me a us a friend on YouTube!

  12. Add WiiBoy1336 to your blog roll PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muddboy4000: Whats your blog HTML?

  13. thats easy,

    I’m never mean
    I have a Youtube account,but I can’t make vids
    I’m always nice
    I do have some cool clothes
    And I do have a Chat

  14. Hey Mudd! I haven’t talked to you in a while because of school and YouTube stuff. Some penguins were crowding me and they keep on adding me. My friends in real said I’m famous on CP.

  15. I think that would take some time for me to do all those steps! Could you pleeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee add me to your blogroll.
    Not many people know my website and I want it to be famous like yours. Mine’s http://www.2beakie4.blogspot.com

  16. heyy! this will be kind of easy cause i do make vids on youtube and i already have people crowding around me alot every once and a while so maybe i am kinda famous lols+ meet me on cp/ server: frosen/ username:snugles5689
    try to find me and add me girl! see ya!

  17. u have sooo much fans than i do

  18. I am famous, I did all of these before, and recomend it, I am friends with 6 famous penguins btw they requested me, instead of me sendinf them one.

  19. Cool!

  20. I made my own blog rofl! I added you to my blogroll.

    Muddboy4000: Cool, whats your blog?

  21. add me to ur blogroll

  22. Could u plz add me to your blogroll i have 539 hit but the more you visit it the morere ill get! http://cpcheats73.wordpress.com

  23. Wow,Nice steps


  24. my blogs like a year old but got around 500 😥
    and i cant do youtube not allowed and well I NEED HELP!!! I WORK ON MY BLOG ALONE!!!! im never gonna be famous.

    Muddboy4000: Maybe if one of your friends are famous on CP and have a blog, ask them to add you to their blogroll or something =D

  25. I need help. i have a website called http://www.lo-di-oh.webs.com but i dont know how to get it on google PLEASE HELP

  26. All these ppl have alot of good ideas, and i dont want to copy them. I dont have very good ideas so, what do i do?

    ~Stressed site owner, Yert 456

  27. ME WEBSITE ROX! I’m very nice, but I can’t be famous! HELP ME ADVERTISE!!!

  28. check out my website at http://www.cornstorm.wordpress.com please nobody visits it any it would be really nice

  29. how do ya make a blog

  30. cool
    and cooooler

  31. ive been trying to get famous on cp for almost a year!!

    im going to download hypercam on christmas for youtube!! look me up!!!

  32. i dont have a website but i would love if u could send me cheats on my e-mail! thanks and my penguins name is, Hannah37178, look for me!

    e-mail me!


  33. hey again i want you to e-mail me at, onlygirlelc@cs.com!

  34. how do you make a blog I really want to know so I can be famous! e-mail me back at KatieRose101@cs.com or at onlygirlelc@cs.com i prefer onlygirlelc@cs.com!


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