My 100 Subs Party!

Hey Pink Ster here with some details about my 100 subs party!!!!!!!

heres the vid

Please come!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Until Next Time…………..Waddle Off!!!

-Pink Ster


Hi its Pink Ster and im quitting. I got hacked my site is deleted! Bye!

-Pink Ster

Festival Of Flight!

Hey Pink Ster here with the cheats to the FOF.

You can get a free green propeller cap at the Plaza

You can get a free jetpack at the Tallest Mountain

How to get to the Tallest Mountain:

1. Go to the Forest.

2. Take a ride on the hot air balloon.

3. Take the exit when you arrive at the Tallest Mountain

Well i dont rlly like the island being in the air, cp just has to keep changing everything! i miss old cp.

Well Until Next Time………Waddle Off!

-Pink Ster

New Server!

Hey Pink Ster here and there is a new server called SASQUATCH! heres a pic!

Check It Out!

Well Until Next Time………….Waddle Off!

-Pink Ster

Music Jam 2009

Hey Pink Ster here and today i will show u the cheats for the music jam!

First its the free headphones Located at the cove

Next Is the Shirt Shop and all-access-pass Located at the snow forts
Shirts Rock!
Next Is the all acsess pass door Located at the dock
All Access pass
Next is the items in the backstage part(only For Members)
Now the hidden item
Now the other place for the all acsess pass!
Heres the rooftop’s Free item(only for members)
Well Until Next Time………..Waddle Off!

-Pink Ster


Hey Pink Ster here and its canada day (YAY!) and i was on frozen at the iceburg and there was a war going on between canada penguins and USA penguins. I am a canadaian but why fight over what country is better? arent they like the same? Well there is fireworks at the iceburg and the ski hill. Here is a pic of fireworks and the war.

canada iz awesome!see idk why they are doin that

Well Until Next Time………..Waddle Off!


-Pink Ster


Hey Pink Ster here with this awesome beta contest! Go here to enter. enter!

Well Until Next Time………….Waddle Off!

-Pink Ster