Clubpenguin Halloween party cheats

Hello Penguins jrrj15 here!!! Here are the cheats:

The free item is in the plaza:

Pumpkin antenei lol


And Night of the living sled can be seen at the coffe shop

NotLS2 can be seen at the Night club

and Night of the living sled 3 can be seen as normal at the Light house!!! 😀

Scroll down for Trick or treat Cheats:




















Heres where the candy is:

1st: In the lodge attic behind the pumpkin

2nd: At the dock click the pumpkin in the top right corner

3rd: In the pet shop next to the Red puffle behind the candles

4rth:At the cove inside the cardboard ghosts book

5th:At the undergroud pool hanging from the ceiling

6th:At the soccer pitch in the light to the right

7th:In the forest in a rustling bush at the top middle part of the screen

Last: In the mine lower right hand corner slime pool (click)

As a reward you get a background I miss when they gave us real items 😦

Waddle on!!! -Jrrj15 😀


Clubpenguin’s 4th anniversary!!! :D

Ok no ones posted in a while srry bout that but this is a special occasion!!!

Heres da post by billy bob:

Hello Penguins!   Can you believe it? Tomorrow's our 4th Anniversary!   Everyone's invited - so find all your friends and head to the Town Center... There'll be cake in the Coffee Shop, a new party hat, and a new Yearbook full of fun stuff. We can't wait to hear what you think about this party - the colors of the cake and party hat... Any guesses? 4ann.jpg
Can't wait to celebrate! Until then...Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on October 23 2009 09:12 OH BOY I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT colours there are this year :D Ive been on clubpenguin for 2nd and 3rd :D I hope red is one of them :D Bye I hope to see you at the party :D

Its your duty!!!

Hello penguins!!! In my opinion its your duty as citizens of clubpenguin to vote for your color. Its the same as voting in an election you go in you vote and you come out! Simple as dat!!! Now if you vote for Lavander comment here! PLease vote lavander I dont have anything to give except a spot on my friends list!!! so uhhh yeah thats all but if you vote lavander you rock!!!

WADDLE ON!!! Jrrj15

Btw thanks for putting me back on the authors list muddy!!!

Color vote soon!

Hello Penguins!

You guys left a lot of comments in last week’s Reviewed By You post about how cool it’ll be to vote for another penguin color! We think it’s great that you love to choose stuff (like the time you picked the new name for Ballistic Biscuit, the Penguin Play Awards, and the “You Decide” blogs), and we’re excited to see which color you’ll vote for.

Picture 5.png

The booth will be in the Forest starting this Friday until Tuesday, July 28!

In Other News: The Penguin Tales writing contest begins this Thursday. All the topics and details about how to submit your creative stories will be in this week’s Club Penguin Times, so start thinking about what the topics might be! (Did someone say something about “Hiking Vikings?”)

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on July 20 2009 11:25

Note: Hello penguins… Im sad because Im 75 % sure that Aqua will win… but… I WANT LAVANDER TO WIN WAHHHHH!!!! You know Why I think aqua will win because I just went to mimos site and hes told his viewers to vote Aqua so yeahh That sucks!!! Go to mimos site he said hed have a party and everything! Well that sucks anyways thats o.k. Bye!!!


Ipod Instructions

Instructions For the Ipod:

So you want to put the music from the CP music page on your iPod? Don’t worry, it is very easy. These instructions will guide you through it.

1. First, go to the CP Music page and choose the music you want.

2. Click the download button. When you are taken to a page that says ”,” click that download button.

3. When a window pops up, click save and choose where you want to save it. The My Music folder in my documents wouldn’t be a bad idea.

4. Next, open up iTunes.

5. Go to the File button in the top left corner. Click “Add file to library.”

6. Find where you saved the music before. (Probably in My Music.)

7. When a window asks if you want to convert it to ACC click yes.

Now your done!! The next time you sync your iPod it will be there

Jrrj15 party!!!

Because im bored

Because im bored

Hello penguins ill be having a party!!! (me jrrj15)

so if you cant see it it says:

jrrj15s ultra party!!!

Because im bored

friday may 29th 2009 5:30 pst

Where clubpenguin Fjord Dojo (start at then go on)

Info:Im bored

WADDLE ON!!!  -Jrrj15-

Rockhoppers spreading his plants!!!

Hello penguins! Rockhopper is spreading his plants!!!Maybe their 4 a party!!!Heres a picture!!!


Waddle on!!!