This Site is Down!

Hello Fellow Penguins!

I am sad to announce that “Muddgirl4000 Super Awesome CP Cheats” is closed FOREVER.

It will re-open unless the main administrators (Muddgirl4000 and Muddboy4000) comes back.

Of coarse, you can still check out the cool pages that the both created when they were still here!

Well, so long fellow penguins!

From co-worker,



To Mudd: Mudd, please don’t delete this post, this is the newer one, you can delete the old on. Thanks.

NOTICE! I forgot I wasn’t in Japan anymore! Sorry! Changed the time to 5:00 PM!

WHOOT WHOOT! 8000 hits! Now thats awesome! Speaking of awesome… I’m GOING TO HAVE A 800 HITS PARTY! YAAAAY!!!

Here is the invite:

When? September 13th, 2009
Where? Server is Snowmobile, Dock
What Time? 5:00 PM PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Why? ’cause it’s my 8000 hits party!

PLEASE COME TO THE PARTY!!! I will feature* those who come to my party!

Be sure to say “Yes I can come to the party.” on the comment section of this post! 😉


*Two benefits if you come to my party:
1. Get to be featured.
2. The name of your blog will be under your pic.
3. More viewers will come to your site!

6000 Hits on Joji’s Site! (CP Posts Below)

Hey guys! I have reached 6000 hits on my site! I’m going to have a party on Saturday, July 25th, 2009.

Here is the invitation:

When? Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Where? Frozen, Cove

Time? 3:30 PM PST time (Penguin Standard Time)

Why? Joji’s site got 6000 hits!


If you are lost or can’t find Joji, then click HERE to go to Ironhide862 (aka Joji) chat! is the link. Bookmark it for future parties! 😉

Please spread the word to everyone, so the party will be a big hit!


!? More New Updates! :@

NOTICE! To see the cheats for the Medieval Party, and the Stage Cheats, scroll down to see them!

Arggg So many new updates! Well, this is definitely the last post for today!

In the Community section, these are the few new things CP have udpated!

Surprisingly, the Banners Section is re-done, and now has a special “Party Banner” included! AWSOME!

The Party Banners will be updated ever time there is a new party!

banners section
This is a screenshot of it. Very interesting eh?


More New Updates!

NOTICE! To see the cheats for the Medieval Party, and the Stage Cheats, scroll down to see them!

Ok, more updates!

med-front interface
Club Penguin created a new interface for the homepage! It’s kinda cool too! The spy phone is missing though…

What’s New Section

Hark! Medieval Party!

Hark, Penguins!

Hear ye! Hear ye! We hope you are busy discovering all the adventures that await ye in Club Penguin today!

The Medieval Party is on until May 17, and we’re excited that you’ll be able to conquer kingdoms, climb castle walls, and hang out with dragons. We’d really love to know what you and your friends are doing as you’re exploring the island medieval style….


In other news: Check out the new play, The Haunting of the Viking Opera – it starts today at the Stage!! And don’t forget – if you are having problems seeing the party – try clearing your computer’s cache.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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Then a new post card!

med-post card
Club Penguin send us all a Medieval Party post card, so we know when the party will end!

Well, that’s all the cheats and information stuff! Have a wonderful day!


What’s New Section (May 6th, 2009)

You Decide: a wig color!

Hello Penguins!

Last month, it was so cool when you guys chose the medieval background because we heard from so many of you. You totally flooded the blog with your comments (you actually broke a blog comment record!) – and you’ll see your first choice tomorrow when the special medieval catalog becomes available!

And today… We’ve got another challenge for you. We’d love for you to decide on the color for this new wig design that’s going to come out in the June Penguin Style!!


So…We really want to hear from you!! Take a look at the sketch and the color choices, and let us know if you want blonde, dark red-brown, or blue.


We’ll announce the results on Monday – and you’ll get to wear the winning wig when the catalog comes out on June 5!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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Construction in CP!

Hey guys! Check it out! CP is doing some “construction” for the Medieval Part! Ok, put on ur helmets and start drillin! LOL! 😛 Anyways, only 3 rooms have the “construction decorations” in it. Here is is:







Pretty awsome right? I especailly like the “cave”, where all the coins are! Free money!

lastly, Club Penguin also made a new interface when logging into CP! It’s a ninja one!