All dance with Rockhopper


Hula Time


Sensei Scared Me

Sensei Goes Digging

The switch wont stop!

Im Glowing!

39 Responses

  1. The hula penguin is silver :mrgreen:

  2. Ha! Ur rite! How is that possible?

  3. ITS STILLL A MYSTERY!!!!!!! idk hacks? editing?

  4. i guess we’ll never kno…..

  5. I Know Penguin Storm 4.1 Change Colour

    Box Creator: Correct 😀

  6. ughhh can u tell me how u made those plesae?

    i really wanna make some!


  7. oh darn the smiley didn’t work *rollseyes* how to u do the green smiley?

    Muddgirl4000: Type : mrgreen : without the spaces

  8. thnx mud! :mrgreen:

  9. yea thx mrgreen

  10. oooh
    i did it rong.

  11. yay i got it that time!

  12. cool animations :mrgreen: ^_^

  13. LOL! Those are so cool! The penguin doing the hula dance is gray. Is he or she real or fake?

  14. I saw Rockhopper dancing with me once.mrgreen

  15. I think one of the people on this blog hacks lol Idc tho

    Muddboy4000: Neither Muddy or I hack. I promise 🙂

  16. how u make this images?
    please tell me

    Muddboy4000: Camastia studio 6

  17. how do you make these pics?

    Muddboy4000: Camastia Studio 6

  18. uh jake u do hack u go on penguin storm and penguin impact no offense but ya

  19. Is that hula time thing supposed to be a bald, hula dancing Sensei?
    ~Brindlepup from CPSmiles

  20. lol dude, i like the hula one, GO BALD SENSEI!

  21. WOW THIS IS AMAZING LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sweet :mrgreen:

  23. :mrgreen:

  24. lol bald sensei hula dancing thats the best

  25. mrgreenmrgreen

  26. :mrgreen:

  27. it wont work:(

    Muddboy4000: Psst! Add Two : before and after mrgreen :mrgreen:

  28. :((

  29. how do u do mr.green

  30. mrgreengmrgreen

  31. mr.green

  32. mrgreen

  33. 2mrgreen2

  34. twomrgreentwo

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