*All About Me

This page is all about me!

Here is my favorite outfit:


I always go on the server Ice Palace! My BFFs are Dippy118 and Pink Guin1! My favorite game is Aqua Grabber

Here is a picture of my newest igloo:




39 Responses

  1. Cool Outfit! 😀

  2. thanks…

  3. yep


  5. Wow, you and jrrj15 have taught me a lot about club penguin! Thanks a lot guys!!!!!!!

    Muddgirl4000: No Problem. It is my job isnt it? 😀

  6. Cool outfits and nice igloo you have!

  7. I go to Mammoth, Aurora, Abominable, Alpine, Blizzard, Yeti, Snow Angel, Ice Palace, Alaska, Sleet, and Outback server. My favorite color is pink my penguin is pink. I have 100 buddies and I met Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Rockhopper, and the Penguin Band. I want to meet Gary but I didn’t meet him during the Halloween Party ’08. I got banned twice for 24 hours and once for 72 hours. Some people hack my penguin because I have a lot of coins. My original penguin is Engenge but I have another penguin named Whitney Pink and it’s a non member. I have a pink igloo and I have 8 puffles. I cared for them since I started CP on April 23 or 22, 2008. I became a member that time and I paid monthly but Billybob made me a member forever so it doesn’t expire at all. Both of my penguins are ninjas but Engenge is an EPF agent. I have a lot of CP stuff like I have 2 CP books, trading cards, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game on Nintendo DS, 3 puffle plush colors (pink, yellow, and green), and ballerina plush. I mostly go online on weekends from Friday afternoon to Saturday night but sometimes on Sundays I go online.

    Muddgirl4000: Whoa! Thats a lot of info! How did billybob make you a member forever?!?!?!

  8. I’m 9 years old and I’m a girl in real and CP. I know all the history of CP and I unlock a lot of stuff.

    Muddgirl4000: Cool! I have unlocked a lot of stuff too. I am waiting for Series 3…

  9. Hurray ! heyy muddy!

  10. IDK how Billybob made me a member forever. He pays it himself!

  11. I only went online today up to 10:00 A.M. because it’s Good Friday today. I got banned 24 hours on Engenge again last Friday because I said a bad word by accident. The CP team said if I get banned again, they’ll banned me forever! I always use Engenge. I only use Whitney Pink when Engenge gets banned, if there is a party, or a scavenger hunt. My birthday in real is coming in 2 more months! My Easter Vacation started 2 days ago. I had a half a day in school. I was on Mammoth, Aurora, Outback, Yeti, and Bigfoot before. My babysitter said I started CP on April 22, 2008 (Earth Day). My penguin is 352 days old right now. It’s turning 353 days old tonight.

  12. Hey Muddgirl4000 an I meet you in Club Penguin at Ice Palace your igloo 4:00 A.M. PST April 11? Please answer!

    P.S. Your site’s banner is AWESOME!!


    Muddgirl4000: How about right now?

  13. Hey Muddgirl I might be able to make it to my party. Do you think you can come to the party today? It would make me so happy! Please answer! 🙂


  14. awesome

  15. hey muddy i add u as an author check ur email?

  16. May 3, 2009
    Dear Muddgirl400,

    Hi. It’s been a while now. I have the same member badge as yours. Sorry I can’t comment too much because of my YouTube account, Cutie657392.


    P.S. We can meet each other on Club Penguin at Ice Palace someday!

    Muddgirl4000: Cool ok :mrgreen:

  17. Yo Muddgirl, I asked CP. They said they don’t give away free membership. They say that would be unfair to other penguins… which is true.

    Also, how would CP make profit if they give out free membership right? So I think Engenge might be lying.


    Muddboy4000: well I have heard of other cases of this and I think thay did that a long time ago to members who have emailed cp and asked but idk 🙂

  18. Is it OK if I added your blog to my blog roll? I added it because I am a big fan of your blog! Can I meet you?

    Muddgirl4000: That would be great if you add my blog to your blogroll! If you tell me your blog i would be glad to put it on mine. Im glad your a big fan of my blog. if you would like to meet me schedule a time and place and see if I could meake it. Thanks 😀

  19. My blog is http://clubpenguingoodcheatscp.wordpress.com/ so you can add my blog to your blog roll and maybe and which state do you live in I live in California I want to know because I don’t know if the time is different where you live if you have the same time as me can you do Monday at 7:00 at Ice Palace at the ice berg?

  20. or acutely we could do it today at Ice Palace at the Ice Berg at 7:00.

    Muddgirl4000: PST time?

  21. sure zubby

  22. oh I am terribly sorry can we do it at eight?

  23. please come I really want to meet you today!

  24. Lets do it today come now Ice palace Ice Berg I am there right now!

  25. please go on!

    Muddgirl4000: My bro is there. I will be right on

  26. Dear MudGirl,
    I think it would be nice if we could meet someday because I love your site and I would like to add you as my buddy.

  27. Hi muddgirl or Julia me and Xubby are really close friends on club penguin and in real life hes so nice and a great guy i heard that the band is coming cant wait we met on CP but were not friends well seee you around and i love your website

    Muddgirl4000: Yup, Zubby is a really good friend! Wow thats so cool that you know him in real life! Hope to see you soon in CP 🙂


  28. muddy betta hurry up and reply to me cuz i got a series 3 toy code and uh isnt ribbon won of ur best friends?

    Muddgirkl4000: Sorry ribbon. I dint have a membership card sorry…

  29. oops srry muddy typo in my own name

  30. hey muddgirl awesome site!! i like the pic of ur peng btw i have seen u on cp and u didnt add me my peng is zeruel pk3r1 but i go by colors. so next time i see u could u add me?

  31. sorry if u think im being pushy but i dont think i am im being honest.

  32. hey. my penguins REAL name is “kooto”. anyway, could we meet on cp? where do you live anyway? i live in Texas. answer me and i`ll arrange an arrival that fits both our time zones and stuff. p.s…. um nothing p.s.s. nothing still. p.s.s.s. i like applesauce.

    Muddboy4000: Well, I live in Hawaii and I always go on Ice Palace so you can meet me there if you find me 😀

  33. cool nice site

  34. Ok im not gonna spam or anything but AWSOME SITE GUYS!!!! I realyl rnjoy playing club penguin i always go on sleet or yeti or any server that my buds are on but i somtimes RARELY SUPER RARELY go on random servers so dont be suprised if you see me 🙂 dont be! lol p.s i dont have much items cause i just became a member p.s.s i really enjoy this site p.s.s.s plz visit my site http://www.cppengucheats.wordpress.com p.s.s.s.s if you wanna know why i dont spell good is because im aussie and im 8 p.s.s.s.s.s i added you to my blogroll p.s.s.s.s.s.s isnt club penguin somtimes funny p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s Oh look at the time i have nothing else to say WOOP DE DO!

  35. hey muddgirl whats up cool website zubby isnt doing so well he is kinda sick i wanna be your friend so badlly i know you live in hawi see ya

  36. hey i wanted 2 no if u wanted 2 go on cp with me? how about 5:00 tomorrow, december 10, 2009? e-mail me ur answer, my e-mail is onlygirlelc@cs.com. ok well get back 2 me at my e-mail as soon as u can!


  37. oh and my penguins name is, hannah37178, i will meet u in ice palace at the dojo! bye


  38. hi muddgirl YOUR IGLOOS SOOO COOL!!!

  39. what does it mean on Penguin Impact when its telling you “your not logged in” i really don’t know. Log in to what?Jeez i’m so new at this stuff, i would really appreciate it if someone would answer this.

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