This Site is Down!

Hello Fellow Penguins!

I am sad to announce that “Muddgirl4000 Super Awesome CP Cheats” is closed FOREVER.

It will re-open unless the main administrators (Muddgirl4000 and Muddboy4000) comes back.

Of coarse, you can still check out the cool pages that the both created when they were still here!

Well, so long fellow penguins!

From co-worker,


2 Responses

  1. OMG OMG OMG! Joji sorry for not being here. Muddboy is already in 8th grade and hes into xat and omgpop now. I still play CP sometimes but my oenguins password got changed somehow and it isnt on my manage anymore?! Im here to say I hope I wont be forgotten, the blog doesnt have to be shut down forever. If someone can ever post that would be great! Thanks joji for everyhting in the past. If you want to see jake/muddboy4000/zonic he goes to and I hang out at Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi!!! 😀 !!!

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