Clubpenguin Halloween party cheats

Hello Penguins jrrj15 here!!! Here are the cheats:

The free item is in the plaza:

Pumpkin antenei lol


And Night of the living sled can be seen at the coffe shop

NotLS2 can be seen at the Night club

and Night of the living sled 3 can be seen as normal at the Light house!!! 😀

Scroll down for Trick or treat Cheats:




















Heres where the candy is:

1st: In the lodge attic behind the pumpkin

2nd: At the dock click the pumpkin in the top right corner

3rd: In the pet shop next to the Red puffle behind the candles

4rth:At the cove inside the cardboard ghosts book

5th:At the undergroud pool hanging from the ceiling

6th:At the soccer pitch in the light to the right

7th:In the forest in a rustling bush at the top middle part of the screen

Last: In the mine lower right hand corner slime pool (click)

As a reward you get a background I miss when they gave us real items 😦

Waddle on!!! -Jrrj15 😀


4 Responses

  1. Hi everyone, HAPPY HALOWEN! A little late..

  2. First! Woo Hoo!

  3. Hi there, I am doing a fun event called “Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun”.

    Everyday, there will be different activities for everyone to do, such as colouring pages, mini-game challenges, awesome giveaways, etc!

    Please visit to join today’s activity!

    Thank you, and please tell all your friends about it. 😀


  4. Hey, i can do some designs for your awsome site! Contact me at

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