To Mudd: Mudd, please don’t delete this post, this is the newer one, you can delete the old on. Thanks.

NOTICE! I forgot I wasn’t in Japan anymore! Sorry! Changed the time to 5:00 PM!

WHOOT WHOOT! 8000 hits! Now thats awesome! Speaking of awesome… I’m GOING TO HAVE A 800 HITS PARTY! YAAAAY!!!

Here is the invite:

When? September 13th, 2009
Where? Server is Snowmobile, Dock
What Time? 5:00 PM PST (Penguin Standard Time)
Why? ’cause it’s my 8000 hits party!

PLEASE COME TO THE PARTY!!! I will feature* those who come to my party!

Be sure to say “Yes I can come to the party.” on the comment section of this post! 😉


*Two benefits if you come to my party:
1. Get to be featured.
2. The name of your blog will be under your pic.
3. More viewers will come to your site!


2 Responses

  1. news on my site…

  2. BE AWARE! There is a chat called proffesorlaxcp!

    The link is

    The chat is dangerous, because many people over there cusses at other people, LIE and blame it all on the vicitim, and owners and mods BANS AND PERMA BANS for fun! Spread the word to eveyrone, and DON’T GO ONTO THAT CHAT!

    Becareful not to talk to these people: Annalise, XDboy, and Offense Star, and a few others!

    This is 100% fact, not lying.


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