Parties And Our New Header

Hey Penguins!

Our friend Pringle made a great new header for our blog!
Comment on how you like it!

In other news my friends are having parties soon!
I hope you enjoyed out party!

Heres the invitation To Jojis party:
|When? September 13th, 2009                                                     
|Where? Server is Snowmobile, Dock                                     
|What Time? 4:00 AM PST (Penguin Standard Time)
|Why? ’cause it’s my 8000 hits party!                                     

Here is the invitation to Taker985’s Party:


Please come of you can!

~Muddgirl4000 and Muddboy4000~


3 Responses

  1. 1. flooding glass cracked
    2. beta hat
    3.his boat hit a iceberg
    4.sled racing
    5.happy 77 or billybob
    6.october 24 2005
    7.november or january
    9. penguin band because there are 4 of them

  2. I can answer all of thoese for you

    1. flooding glass cracked at pool
    2. beta hat
    3. it sunk cause it hit the island
    4. first game ever was thin ice
    5. me lol no rsnail was the first peng ever made
    6. oct 24 2005
    7. nov 12 2006
    8. yeti
    9. peng band cause they have music
    10. NEVER!

  3. Opps the no. 3 is actaully hit an iceburg

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