Spike Man8’s Website

Hey guys i got this website just got over 1000 hits so if u click here u will be lead to my website about cp cheats

~Spike Man8~


7 Responses

  1. hey mudd, yeah thx 4 DELETING ME!!!! just wanted u 2 know that i took ur site off my favs list. so much for friends.

  2. OMG Sorry that I deleted you 😦 Muddboy is still your friend so when your on ill add you. Sorry Again 😦

  3. Uhm… I already changed it, but on my post about the Club Penguin Times, the NOTICE part was all blue, meaning it was connected to a link. I clicked it and it went to Jake’s chat. What just happened? I saw that you, Julia have changed added your brother’s chat on it. Could you not do that next time?

    It’s kidna awkward that you did that… or who ever.

    Did you do that? I’m not mad or anything, just curious.

    If you really did do that, please don’t mess my posts unlesss there are grammatical errors in it, or the picture isn’t right enough.


    Muddgirl4000: Uhm… I didnt do it and jake said he wouldnt do that… I dont know becuase it is jakes chat but why would he do that…

  4. muddboy deleted me too. but it doesnt matter cuz i dont want u guys on my buddy lis. im fine with my real friends. no offense

  5. can i join ur party

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