Phew I Think The Hacker Is Gone

Hello Everyone!

I outsmarted the hacker! Since he hacked into jakes account, I went on my account and deleted him off of the authors list! Unluckily the hacker deleted all of our other authors -.-

If you were an author here please comment your email and ill put you back on. Heres the list of people who worked here that got deleted:

Update: All the authors are back. Yay!

*Spikeman8-Back on the team
*Joji H-Back on the team
*Jrrj15-Back on the team
Pinkster-Back on the team
Zubby1st-Back on the team

Unluckily I cant add jake back because the hacker can come back in so Jake will use my account until further notice.

Oh and if the hacker is reading this then…


Have a nice day and waddle on!


14 Responses


  2. Ok Jrrj your an author again!


  3. Thankyou!!!

  4. can i be author again i was author

  5. Spike your an author again


  6. Now all we need is pinkster and were all good

  7. Joji is already an author… yay. Walures… grrrrr


  8. lol if the hacker is reading this u got pwned! LOL

  9. btw cant muddboy change his pass and then he will be fine?

    Muddboy4000: No I cannot becuase the hacker hacked into my e-mail too!

  10. muddy i added u on my site c ya!

    -Pink Ster

  11. OMG he must have no brain. (he probaly a three year old) hehehe

  12. P.s if he hacked into ur email just change ur pass.
    Thats what i did when someone hacked me.
    hehehe he got rlly mad.

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