Hey Pink Ster here and its canada day (YAY!) and i was on frozen at the iceburg and there was a war going on between canada penguins and USA penguins. I am a canadaian but why fight over what country is better? arent they like the same? Well there is fireworks at the iceburg and the ski hill. Here is a pic of fireworks and the war.

canada iz awesome!see idk why they are doin that

Well Until Next Time………..Waddle Off!


-Pink Ster


5 Responses

  1. lol thats cool

  2. Hey Pinkster Im canadian on my vacation know. right now im in P.E.I XD but yea canada and usa the same to me.

  3. Awww man! I missed all the fun!

    No offense, but Canada DOES pwn USA in a low of ways.

    1. No guys allowed!
    2. It was USA’s fault we are in recession…
    3. Free Health Care!
    4. Our Canadain cars are slightly better than american cars.
    5. Multicutural
    6. World’s number 1 timber trader

    Thats all I can think of for now… for why Canada pwns USA… lol


    PS. I THINK its USA’s fault we are in reccession, not completly sure.

  4. yeah i dont know what happend to futbol10 i miss him he was a good friend


  5. yea i like canada and USA i like the free health care here but i like the cheaper prices in USA

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