Hey Pink Ster here with this awesome beta contest! Go here to enter. enter!

Well Until Next Time………….Waddle Off!

-Pink Ster


6 Responses

  1. I got the coin code for card juistu. On my birthday, it’s gonna be opened, so I’ll give you the passowrd for the page containing the code to unlock the card on CP.

    It’s a present for Muddgirl4000.

    I’ll also draw an e-card for you. 😉


  2. That was for Muddgirl.


  3. Hi, please hack the following ppl:


    reason: seriously, he’s banned me just cause on another chat, he was being a total idiot, and then i’m good for you, then on fano chat he banned me cause i call him low class.


  4. i dont know how to hack penguins

  5. I forgot to say he is from fano chat, not cp.

    I dunno, I only got banned for 6 hours, it really doesn’t matter I guess. Sigh… there is so much idiots in this world. Making peace is hard, and well, I think I shouldn’t hack people just because they were mean or annoying. Wat ever.


  6. kk and u know the secret workers page or what ever it is could i get told the pasword in a email from one of you thatnks! my email is

    -Pink Ster

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