Series 3 Treasure Book

Hey Everyone!

I have a massive sneek peek of the series 3 treasure book. Here it is:


The exclusive items are so awesome!!!!
I want to get all of them. Especially the bunny 😀

What do you want form the new treasure book?
Dont forget to leave a comment!!!

There is also a new Series 3 Mix & Match toy.
Here is what it looks like:


I will surely be getting this when it comes out in stores!!!



5 Responses

  1. I want… sneakers
    2.USA headband penguin band hoodie
    4.light up sneakers glasses
    6.tye-dye shirt

    lol thats alot of stuff i want (litteraly i want all of that stuff i just said) xD

  2. series 3 toys are goin on my summer wishlist im goin to do work to earn money.and not ask my parents if i could by them like a spoiled kid, which i kinda am, but im changing the way i act.

  3. i want the cowboy stuff becuase that’s rare (and i want the bunny :mrgreen:)

  4. muddy may i be an author plz

  5. The Penguin band and the basketball boy please

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