Mix & Match Series 3 Toys Are Out!

It seems that Toys Я Us has Series 3 Mix & Match toys in stock soon! You can buy them by Clicking Here.

Here are the new sets you can buy so far:

Marching Band & Cheerleader 

series 3 mix n match1

Bard & 12th Fish Costume 

series 3 mix n match2

Sombrero & Fiesta

series 3 mix n match3

Leprechaun & Cowboy

series 3 mix n match4

They are in stock so get them before thay are gone!!!!

Scratch that. They arent in stock yet…


2 Responses

  1. Sorry, but they aren’t in stock yet

  2. i think that means the cowboy hat and that shirt the cowboy is wearing will (and the boots) will come back!

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