I Have A Deal For You!

This a sticky post! Go down to see the newest posts!!!I have a deal for you! If you advertise my blog in some of your posts/add me to your blogroll/Use my widgets than I will do the same for you! The more people you get to visit, the more people will visit your very own blog! What do you say? Its a win/win situation. Please comment if you have advertised my blog! Have Fun 😀

[Member is free]~[Moderator is 300 xats]~[Owner is 700 xats]


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  1. hey mudd whats up long time no see

  2. Hey Xlr8! Are you back from some vacation? Where were you?

  3. Ya…. haven’t see u for such a long time!


  4. Hi Muddgirl, here is the reply to your messege, I’m repeating what I said here just in case you didn’t see my original comment in my site, but anyways, here:

    Thanks! …and no I can’t help you because I dun’t know either how to re-direct it to my site!

    What I know is, is that Lux did his by placing the code on where the “page where the code is” so that people can instantly redirect there!

    Some other have made them into a sticky post, so that they can be redirected in the homepage!

    I hope that helped!


  5. actually, I still can’t make the widgit!!! Help?


  6. what is the code for your widget? p.s. welcome back xlr

    Muddgirl4000:You can see all widget codes for this blog at the Widgets And Codes page 🙂

  7. twolfandcorwocp.wordpress.com

    plz help me!
    I adde you to my blogroll

  8. hey muddy y did u say the F word on my site was that you (reply on my blog!) and for one thing your gravatar didnt show! and it wuz the rong email! i didnt approve it! 🙂

    Muddgirl4000: I commented on your blog and to confirm on my blog I DIDNT make that comment!

  9. Ribbony, people can fake their identiity. So that was probably the “imposter Muddgirl”! Dun Dun Dun! LOL.

    If they know their email and what website their own… then that’s a complete impoter…. ugh you get one what I mean do you?

    Hope that helped.


  10. Ok, so (this is still Joji by the way, just an example to show Ribbony about it) I know Muddgirl’s email right? So I put it in the mail section, then her name, and the site. This is how people fake out and impersonate other people. It can sometiems lead to cyberbullying too.

    Other than that, you can check Muddgirl’s IP Adress and the imposter’s IP to check if it is a match. If it’s not, then that means the imposter was not Muddgirl.

    K, hope that helped again!


  11. Ok, Muddgirl, check your IP and the “imposter version” above this comment. It’s different right? So, that should also help you. 🙂 If you see any strange comments from your friends, refer to old posts that your freinds make, check their IP and the person’s IP that made the strange comment! 🙂

    Hope that helped again. 😉


  12. *refer to old comments

  13. Muddgirl4000 are you free by any chance on June 19th?

    Cuz im having a 500 hits party and im deciding special guests

    Muddgirl4000: I might be able to come because its on a friday. My brother could also come if you want. I can post the invitation if you like 😀

  14. haha joji, thanks for helping by the way… but how did you get my pic?

  15. oh and i will have a 10,000 hits party soon so yea 🙂

  16. im friends with your brother on cp

    thanx for offering to make the invite, you can
    cuz im not a really good invite maker person lol

    Party info for invite(only for Muddgirl4000)

    Jp568’s 500 Hits/Summer Kick-Off Party!

    When:June 19th 4:00pm (Penguin Time)


    Why:Celebrate 500 hits on my site and for summer

    Wear:Summer Clothes

    Special Guests:Muddgirl4000(maybe), Muddboy4000, Xlr8 64

    I will be sending Postcards during the party, Hope to see you there!

  17. oh one more thing Muddgirl don’t rush with it take your time. I have plenty of time, k

  18. When I said post the invite I meant when you made the invite i will post it on out blog 😆

  19. oh i mis-understood what u ment. k i’ll work on l8r probally today depends if i have homework and study for finals,i’ll see wat i can do 😉 😉 😉 😉

    probally wont be my best invite this is my first one b4 Chidori456 said he would be in charge of them,but now he quit wordpress 😥 😥

    L8r Muddgirl Talk to u soon

  20. I don’t have to get your pic. It’s automatic. You could do the same thing with me. 😉

    …and I’m back from the field trip lol!


  21. lol where did you go on your field trip?

  22. I don’t think I can reveal that secret… ya.

    Let’s just say tourist areas.

    It also toke a very long time… so the first day was a bit boring, but I guess I had fun playing my DS with my freinds. 🙂


  23. Other than that, I toke lots of pictures in that place! 😀


  24. To muddgirl: I have a concern about my penguin I won Kiba Fang I think someone still goes on it can I change the password???

  25. That’s why I don’t win penguins… cause the original owner can still access the penguin.


  26. Cool site!

  27. Thanks for article. It is very imformative read.
    I enjoy to read muddgirl4000clubpenguincheats.wordpress.com!

  28. muddgirl4000 i have added you to my blogroll and i wa nt you to add me. also i saw soosi26 on ice shelf

    Muddgirl4000: Ok your on our blogroll 😀

  29. can u visit my blog at http://www.zondacpcheats.blogspot.com
    u wont be dissapointed


  31. hi muddgirl,
    did you leave that comment on my website? (www.2beakie4.blogspot.com) cuz i dont know who it was from.
    BTW: you’re on my blogroll.

  32. ahoy matey,
    go on my blog please! you wont regret it! (it’s on the top of the blogroll)
    thanks for adding me to it.

  33. love your website! I’m going to keep visiting and commenting!
    I’m having a 1,000 hits party, I would be happy if you came!

    more info at my club penguin cheats at:

  34. Why do you need to look for soosi?

  35. hey muddy the imposer for sayin the f word in my blog is bak again and they no my real name !!!!!!!!!! 😦

  36. Hey guys a good game I found out about (from BMFerrari) Its called Pandanda go to Pandanda.com its really good its better then clubpenguin in ways and!!! Its in beta so youll get all the beta items and the prize after the beta test!!!

  37. hey muddy i have an series 3 coin code if you want it ribbon is willing to trade it for 2 one month membership cards! 😀

  38. Nice post

  39. Hi! Cool website! My cousin and I are called the Bunny Bandits on Club Penguin. We are Peach151 and Done10. We mob the pizza parlor, and we have out own informational site! Please visit it by clicking out name above! Thanks!

    Muddboy4000: Cool website! 😉

  40. Hey! I am having a party tomorrow! Here’s the info.

    When: Wednesday : July 22nd
    Where: Sleet, Lighthouse
    Time: 10 AM PST : 1 PM EST

    Bring your instruments! I will play the Drums! 🙂

    We will be chat here during the party (http://xat.com/Wexfiefcp). It is MANDATORY you be on the chat AND Club Penguin.

    For more info about the party, go here.

    Please Come and Advertise this party. My parties aren’t successful these days.


  41. Update: Link removed by editor

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  44. Cool site, love the info.

  45. Thats cool :mrgreen:

  46. i did advertised your blog!

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  48. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.


  50. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂 🙂

  51. Hey muddgirl
    plz update your bloggy
    I have moved to

  52. Sweet! I’ll advertise ur chat. Spikeman8 is actually lil spiker1, the guy who hacked be back in july. If he hacks you, call me. Click my name to visit my site! I’ll add u soon. 😉

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