Penguin Impact

I found a pretty cool trainer called Penguin Impact. Its got features from Change Hockey Puck Color to Control other penguins! Wanna try it out? Then Click Here. Then Click Penguin Impact. Just extract the files and your ready 😀



57 Responses

  1. i didnt like this

  2. I dont get Penguin Impact!!! What’s the difference between that and real cp?

  3. I did like it but i have to keep installing it

  4. plz tell me how to use penguin impact because my penguin doesnt do anything different

  5. server emptey doesn’t work

    Muddboy4000: Your right it doesnt let you do anything until your logged in =/

  6. hey this is so cool

  7. How do you get it away if u used it?

  8. thats pretty cool

  9. it is ok not as good as penguin storm 6.1 its ok

  10. wat the heck is beta!!! a lot of people talk about it, and i dont know wat it is!! this is my first time writing a letter to u. i have never been on your website before. and 1 more thing if i download that money maker does it really work????

    Muddgirl4000: Beta? I dont know that is but the money maker works great!

  11. Hey cool site! visit my Big hit site

  12. Nice site! I just made my own:

    Muddboy4000: Cool blog!

  13. Club Penguin, does not allow hacks. You can and WILL be banned if you use any trainer/hacking device. All trainers/hacking systems ARE illegal, and will only get you in trouble. Every time someone logs on using Penguin Storm or any other trainer, the CP team knows.

    Muddboy4000: Then why am I not banned yet? I logged on in penguin Impact about 200 times and i havent been banned…

  14. awosme

  15. does it have a virus!

    Muddgirl4000: No it does not

  16. everyone if ya dont like penguin impact try penguin storm go to and download it penguin storm is way better

  17. everyone penguin storm is way better use it

  18. no penguin impact has MOONWALK so its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bettter than penguin storm7 i use my other penguins on penguin impact when im already on it u just have to log in of other ur penguins but if it has you already have a clubpenguin login already it will say it seems you have another clubpenguin thingy or something account already open thern u just click edit hide error multi login if u have seen me on clubpenguin with clones then telll me i usually go on sleet or frozen so tell me if u had seen me on clubpenguin using moonwalk or clones for to use penguin impact

  19. penguin impact has followbot and copybot its wicked fun thats how i use clones to follow me and copybot

  20. im gonna be using some clones right now

  21. hey guys! please stop using trainers i know they are really fun but its the same thing as clubpenguin but they have cheats PLEASE STOP USING TRAINERS YOU WILL BE BANNED FOREVER NOW! if you keep using trainers.

    Waddle On! BillyBob

    Muddboy4000: Ha good impression Straw000. XD

  22. somebody plz help me i dont know where to download penguin impact because when i go to it says that there is a error and when i downloaded penguin impact here it said that it was disabled

  23. plz anybody help me i dont know where to download the new penguin impact because 2 is disabled and bestclubpenguincheats says there was a error plz plz help me

  24. can somebody plz help me i dont know where to dowload the new penguin impact

  25. I got banned forever for using money maker on Engenge and 72 hours for doing moonwalk on Whitney Pink. I use Swan Pinkie more often now than Whitney Pink.

  26. i just seen a penguin who’s name is Boxx Creator!!!

  27. wow i just used it and i went to rockhopper’s ship,i did the multi login and used my penguins as clones, i used the auto talker to say weird and funny stuff!i did the moonwalk and became popular!!! with storm there’s a 90% chance you get banned. with impact there’s a 30% chance you get banned. Impact is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. this is my first time on your site if you post this comment it than thats AWESOME!!!!!

  28. does it harm your computer in any way

    Muddgirl4000: Nope

  29. im not the real screen hog! and when i used the member thing but a problem came when i bought a member item

  30. when i used it i became a free member butcouldnt buy member items there was a error

  31. by the way call of duty modern warfare rocks! my favorite mission is all ghillied up i got to be a ghillie seal and with a sniper

  32. my mom wont bloody let me download it and i dont want to use penguin storm any more and i really want to do the moonwalk cos om Michael Jackson MAD oh ya the cheats in this site is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. when i try to download it it takes me to what do i do when im there

  34. It always says internet explorer can not display the web page! ;(

  35. Its almost better than penguin storm but i get a white screen its super slow and it keeps freezing up

  36. hi

  37. Penguin Impact is a great trainer-Great progress into whoever created the softwarre!

  38. Awsome site! Visit

  39. i like penguin storm 8


  40. come to my website! Link Removed

  41. how do u use item hack




  45. actaully im with BillyBob. Why are we yousing penguin impact i know they are fun but we should really be playing the way we are suppose to not hack. Club Penguin is a safe community PLEASE STOP HACKING!!!!!

  46. It wont let me download it!!!

  47. Hi, it’s MissZ here to tell you how awesome you are! On Club Penguin my user name is Misszilla, SO PLEASE ADD ME! Seriously! PLZZZZ! U PPL ROCK!

  48. Still you guys r so awesome and I can’t stand not saying it!
    Anyway UMMM… bye?

  49. hi people im recording today at four o clock at the night club i hope to see you there

  50. the server is sleet ok?

  51. it wont load D:

  52. it keeps saying ur not loged in and i am logged in D:

  53. I Think Your Hott Muddgirl lolz Hope ill Find Yah Somewhere in Clubpenguin


  54. I Dont Think It Works Anymore Muddgirl D=>


  55. ok I would really love this trainer if it worked but all it does is say that i am not logged in!

  56. i never heard of this frikin site. lol 🙂

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