Ipod Instructions

Instructions For the Ipod:

So you want to put the music from the CP music page on your iPod? Don’t worry, it is very easy. These instructions will guide you through it.

1. First, go to the CP Music page and choose the music you want.

2. Click the download button. When you are taken to a page that says ”Box.net,” click that download button.

3. When a window pops up, click save and choose where you want to save it. The My Music folder in my documents wouldn’t be a bad idea.

4. Next, open up iTunes.

5. Go to the File button in the top left corner. Click “Add file to library.”

6. Find where you saved the music before. (Probably in My Music.)

7. When a window asks if you want to convert it to ACC click yes.

Now your done!! The next time you sync your iPod it will be there

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  1. What the heck!!! I dident post this O_o

  2. im not sure about this

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