Desprate For Coin Codes and Video!

Sigh, hey guys its Muddgirl4000 and I REALLY need a coin code for series 1!If you have one and want to give it to me, just comment and I will make a time when we will go on my chat and trade!

If you do, You can be my buddy forever,we will make a whole post about you, and will recive a rare non-member penguin!

Oh, and also I got a really funny video I found, well here it is:



11 Responses

  1. i need one really badly becuase my mom will not let me buy one until after october and the will cost so much money then!

  2. lol nice vid i dont have a coin code sorry i used my seris 2 one

  3. You can sign up for prizerebel, which will allow you to get free toys or anything by doing surveys.

  4. joji? why did you sign your name as debator?

  5. Whoops. Sorry! It’s a mistake, can you change it for me? Also, I made you an author on my site. You can be one, when you go into your email, and click the link that lets you be one on my site. 🙂


  6. aww man i really need a series 1 code and theres not even a Toys R Us in Hawaii!

  7. Ok, I’m getting either the “box” or “tin” version. Inside, there is around 3-6 card codes inside. Because of that, I’ll donate 1 to my best buddy, Muddgirl! 🙂


    Muddgirl4000: Thanks so much Joji! You are truly a great friend 😀

  8. Ya… but that would have to wait like lemee see July 30? ‘Cause it’s considered one of my birthday presents… would that be ok?
    Wait… ur birthday is after my birthday is it?


  9. yea but only by one day and thanks again!

  10. NP


  11. …in return, would it be ok if you just put my widgit on your site?
    Also, would it be ok if you tell me how to put a “visible code” on my site so people could copy the code and paste it on their site?
    If not or too lazy, then it’s ok. 😉


    Muddgirl4000: Of course i will!

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