Donate For Prizes

Update: The results are in! Our next party will be the moonwalk party! Chimpanzee will be our special guest. I will get the invite soon 😀

Hey! Rockhopper has left disney world, so neither Muddy or I can get the exclusive backround.

If you have an UN-USED ROCKHOPPER BACKROUND COIN CODE please tell us.

You will get a large reward. Here are your choices (You May Pick One):

*Author of this blog forever
*A whole page about you
*A Buddy Add from both Muddy and I (We will never delete you)
*A whole post about you
*A private party with Muddy and I

If you give us 2, you may pick 3 😀

We arent desperate, but we would really like that backround 😀

If you have an Un-used Rockhopper Backround Coin Code that you would like to trade please comment.



3 Responses

  1. cool i still need hits

  2. How about a free membership?
    It’s easy to get a free membership! 😀
    Just go to !


  3. Hey Muddgirl/boy… how on earth did you make that little icon thing? Like I put your site in my favorties, and the little icon beside yoru site has a purple penguin in it. How did you do that! Can you teach me… please?


    Muddboy4000: Its pretty easy. Just click on Settings. To the right of the screen you should see a thing that says Blog Picture. Upload the picture you want and it will be on your blog HTML. P.S. Its called a Blavitar (Blog Avatar)

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