My Music Video

Hey! I also made a music video! The song is Viva La Vida / By: Coldplay 😀

I worked super hard on this so please enjoy:

This is also my first video 😀

My next video will be Feel Good Inc. / By: Gorillaz

I will add more affects in that one!



8 Responses

  1. awesome! I love that song! how did you get on the walls though?

  2. Hacks and AWESOME SONG AND VIDEO!!!

  3. lol muddgirl is age 28? That’s kinda weird… maybe you could hide that? lol.


  4. LOL, I like that song too! 😛


  5. …muddboy, here is a tip!

    Get your hypercam ready. Type in or paste the words on the chat box thingy, and click enter, and one secound after, click F2 which is a short cut for the hypercam! 😀 If you do that, you would have no delays at all! XD


  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    This pwnage tip do it thats what I do 2

  7. LOL 3:02 in the video is quite funny. While Mudboy is saying OOOOOHHHH or something, puffles were so hungry!


  8. Sweet thank you for putting me in that video!

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