My First Music Video

Hey Everyone!

I have made a music video! Its Take A Bow / By: Rihanna

Here it is:

I hope you enjoyed it. This was my first video so far 😀

My brother is also making a video! His is Viva La Vida / By: Coldplay

That will be finished soon, so stay in touch 😉



5 Responses

  1. Cool first video! Very nice! Could be improved by some special effects or maybe like fancy transitions?

    You can get them all under “transitions” and “effects” in Windows Movie Make


  2. *Movie Maker.

  3. ya i know but some didnt work and my brother thought since its a slow song there should be no effects

  4. muddgirl u should get regitred hypercam2 like i got lol

  5. regritred???

    and muddgirl, you could have put some fade in fade outs to make it smooth, or wave lines, or maybe some transitions… could be good! 😀


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