Joji’s New Music Video

Here is Joji’s new music video. Its called Silly Boy / By: Lady Gaga.

Luckily I got to be in the video! If you look closely you can also see Chimpanzee moonwalking in one scene!

Here it is:

Was it good? I think the song is catchy :D


6 Responses

  1. Hey joji! I finally got the video up that works! The music vid rocks dude!

  2. cool, what program did you use for the effects?

  3. sweet im in the first few scenes and my buddy brenhen9608 too!

  4. Sorry Jp and Brenhen! Time was limited, so I had to finnish it up until I have to do those hwk and other stuff!

    I’ll promis the next one would include most people.

  5. thanks muddboy! I’m uploading a high deffenition one! 😀


  6. …and it’s taking very long…


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