A Penguin With No Name Spotted And Party Poll

Hey Everyone!

Today I saw something that I couldnt even believe. I saw a penguin with no name under her avatar!

I got a picture of her and her playercard:

The picture above is not an edit!

I spotted this penguin on the Server: Sleet /Place: Iceberg

She even added me!

Here is the poll:

If you don’t know who Chimpanzee is, he is a moonwalk tester. I know he isnt fake because he talks like a Mod (capitol letters in front of every sentence). He says that he is a computer and he is trying really hard to disable the moonwalk because unfortunantly, it is wrecking CP. He says that he will add anyone who asks him until hes full!


5 Responses

  1. Yo Muddgirl, next video will probably be “Just Lose It” requested by Vader2006 and Muddboy4000! It will be done in June, cause that’s the day school ends.


  2. awesome i love that just lose it!
    i have it on my ipod

  3. I’ve seen that no name thing before! I wonder how they do it!

  4. nice site

  5. Moonwalk party stupid if you like cp dont vote it you said yourself its ruining cp

    Muddboy4000: Hello? Didny you read the whole post? Read what it says under the poll

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