Better Igloo Cheats (May 2009)

You can buy what you want access it from your Igloo, here are the secrets:

Click the Banner to get the Medieval Knight Sculpture Penguin:

seccrrreto 1

Click the Poodle Plant to get the Wheelbarrow:

seccrrreto 2

Click on the Vegetable Garden for the Picket Fence:

*Picket Fence: 100 Coins

seccrrreto 3

Click on the “Electric Guitar Shadow Box” to get the Disco Ball:

seccrrreto 5

*Disco Ball: 700 Coins

seccrrreto 6

Sorry for posting this late. Muddy and I have been busy 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I am really glad the Knight Ice Sculpture came back! I have always wanted that 😀

  2. Hey me too.

  3. Oh yeah and if im your buddy check out my new igloo. If your not my buddy on CP, then I will be posting the new picture on the “All About Me” page very soon 😀

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