Crazy Flashing Hacker!

Hey Penguins!

Whle I was playing on Ice Palace I saw a hacker named Nyrd Test.

Luckily my bro was there and he got some footage!

Here is a video my bro got on the hacker (look at the penguin named Nyrd Test):

I wish hackers would just stop playing CP and messing it up.
And just to let you know, my brother is NOT a hacker. There have been some rumors going around. They arent true. My bro is againt hacking 🙂

7 Responses

  1. cool

  2. Strange stupid haxerz I hope they get banned!!! LOL

  3. KOOL! I see my self!

    …but I see werid lines and dots left by some moving penguins.

    Ya, you don’t hack, but you use 3rd party softwares Muddboy. Remember penguinstorm?


  4. I hack but just to get into servers not for anything else!!!

  5. did your bro report the hacker for cheating ❓

    Muddgirl4000: You can do that? I will tell him to

  6. It was not Penguin Storm. If you download Penguin Storm you will clearly see that there is no hack that allows your penguin to flash around the screen like Nyrd Test did. Whenever someone does a new hack everyone thinks that it is Penguin Storm. It’s a lie! There are many other programs out their besides Penguin Storm. Penguin Storm has limited cheats. Penguin Storm is not a program that makes it so that you can hack. It is actually chating. Hacking is when you write your own program and use it to gain special access to a computer database. Cheating is when you click selected buttons to do certain things.

  7. I heard that Legodude7 is very good friends with Nyrd Test and is one of Nyrd Test’s best friends. Legodude7 is famous!

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