Cool Game

EDIT: Look in the comments to see more info

Bawb carnivore


For randomness

6 Responses

  1. U gotta pay for it but
    its called spore for more info go here:
    Im not permoting it I just think its cool

  2. They have that on the I-pod Touch too!


  3. I know but its better on PC cause they make extansion paks for it like the 1 coming out june 23rd!!! im getting it hopefully ^_^

  4. I HAVE THAT TOO! ^.^ I want to get the New one thats comming out!

  5. Same you have pc one if you want add me my username is jrrj15 :mrgreen:

  6. Im on space stage and I like making cartoonish things!!! what stage are you on if you do have the game??? if you do have the game tell me. give me your username send to my email (spelt right) and ill add you my user is jrrj15 (as usual) so ADD ME!!!

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