New site in the making…



O.k. im so sorry im just not good at making sites nobody likes me (lol) so im making a new site which will be my main site its about video games ill still post here just not as much (I still dont post that much here lol) anyways it will give video game updates videos etc Im actually going to make SOME videos (like animal crossing city folk or other games I own) The quality of the videos wont be very good (as I dont have a tv recorder) But if you like wii games this is the site for YOU!!!

By Jrrj15

P.s. My sites suck

P.s.s. Muddgirl can you delet that other site off your blog roll thanks

5 Responses

  1. ok ill take you off the blogroll
    P.s alot of ppl like you including me!
    P.s.s im sorry your site is stuck

  2. :O then can you like change what it sais like to closed or sumthing lol!!!

  3. lol

    Muddboy4000: ❓

  4. 2 muddgirl how do I get the codes without making the the actual widget like I tried putting the code but it just made it the widget :mrgreen:

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