The Shocking Truth Of Vader2006

Update: Another false alarm. He isnt bad. Vader will contact CP tomorrow to stop the lie.
Hey everyone!
I have some exclusive news about Vader2006. Is he Gizmo or is it just a lie?
Well, It was JUST A LIE!
Vader told me the whole story about being Gizmo and how he lied.
 I even have proof!
Here is a video I got that shows proof that Vader really isnt Gizmo:
He also said that he is sick and tired of being called Gizmo. He asked me to make the video above to stop the lies all togethor.
Please copy the video above and post it on your blog for the lie to die down.
He said that he is very sory about the lie and he is a very nice penguin so please help.
~Here is some proof of this being real if you think I just made this all up~
Here is Vader on My Buddy List:
Here is Me and Vader talking about the lie:
Thanks for reading (P.S. None of this is a lie. I promise)

11 Responses

  1. I will spread the word

  2. I dont belive that if thats vaders buddy list then why does he have himself on the list. And howd the rumor start.and do you hack???

    Muddboy4000: First of all thats my buddy list, second of all I just met him and he said that it is all a lie, and third of all a hack! I promised that all this is 100% true. Plus vader said that EVERYTHING was a lie! Everything on the cp wikia about his isnt true! Do you know why? Because CP never said that his tesp peng is gizmo! so all of this I am saying is true. Please believe me 😦


    Muddboy4000: I answered your other comment jrrj


    Muddboy4000: I was in Penguin storm because like all the servers were full but i swear that this is true. I think that Joji may be right. If he is, then Im buddies with a mod!

  5. It’s not.

    That’s what I thought too.

    but… it’s Muddboy using Penguin Storm… not Gizmo.

    So… that means it is real.

    Though, we shouldn’t go into conclusions that much.

    It says in the wiki, that his account was hacked on May 8th.

    Remember the “Red Bug” situation? They say how Red Bug was a really old penguin, and that’s why they didn’t censor it.


    Muddboy4000: I think your right joji! I promise I wasnt hacking. I dont even know how to hack 😐

  6. whoops, delete the above one.


  7. Hold on… this may be a hack.

    You never know, you know now a days, people hack rare and famous penguin accounts.

    So… that may be a lie!

    So, I would recomend not going into conclusion so fast.


    Muddboy4000: Again I dont know how to hack. Plus im against hacking.

  8. …and whoa! How did u make that mini video?


    Muddboy4000: I used Camastia Studio 6 and I made it into a GIF image (a reaccuring mini video)

  9. Ya… is Camastia Sudio 6 free? Or do I have to buy it?

    ..and it’s not a hack. The buddy list proofs it’s not a hack.


    Muddgirl4000: For Camastia Studio 6 you can download a 30 day free trial. After 30 days you cant use it anymore, bt you can download it again and you can 30 more free days! I hope that helped 😀

  10. Ya, but doesn’t have a IP Adress reader majigy attached to the program, so that after the 30 days expires, and if you want to re-download it, it would deny it?


    Muddboy4000: Nope there is no IP adress so you can keep redownloading it as much as you like and get it for free!

  11. Really? You actually done that before???


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