I Got An E-Mail

Club Penguin sent my E mail back and responded! Here is what they said:
Hello Muddboy4000,

Thank you for writing in to Club Penguin.

those are some great ideas that are sure to help other penguins enjoy Club Penguin more, I especially like the idea of naming the buddies you have online in servers!  We will be sure to keep these ideas in consideration.

If you notice that it is indicating you have buddies online but they are not please clear your browser cache.  Simply click on the link below and select the web browser you are currently using for detailed directions on how to clear your cache: 


After successfully completing the steps above for your web browser, please restart your computer before attempting to access Club Penguin.

If you have any further comments or questions please send them along.


Curtis R
Club Penguin Support


  Date: Apr 23, 2009 – 12:22 AM  

Hello! I have some ideas that could make club penguin better. First of all, when you go to the choose server page before you log in theres a happy face on the left side of a server.(it means your buddies are on but you already knew that)I think that you could click a little button on the side of the happy face to see which of your buddies are on. This would be helpful because sometimes when I log on a server, none of my buddies are on, even though it says that a buddy is on. Another idea could be about postcards. Maybe you could make a postcard with a picture and no words and then you can type in a sentence or two. This would help a lot because if one of your buddies was not there, you could send them a postcard saying, “Welcome Back” so when that person gets back they can see what you said. You can manage a penguin saying something bad in the postcards too. Those things would help me around Club penguin A lot 😀

Thanks for time reading this. I hope you can consider these things.


Isnt that cool? I hope they make it real on CP 😀



6 Responses

  1. nothing to do…

  2. Hello,
    I am having a contest at my site!
    The winner will recieve a 1000 day old peng!Contest is very easy!
    Currently round 1 going!
    Check out my site,just click my name.

  3. HMMMMMM cool

  4. I’m in a club penguin army called CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Army)they are the fastest growing army in CP and the youngest on the Nachos top 10 army list 2.5 months old and ranked 6th!

    We get 10-12 ppl per battle (record 13) and should expect 15+ soon. If ur feeling bored in club penguin or just wanna have more fun in CP join today at http://cpraarmy.com and join on the join page. We have constant battles and lots of fun most of the fun happen’s on our xat chat box at xat.com/CPRAArmy we have over 25 active members and have more fun than any other army on chat! You should

    Join at http://cpraarmy.com

  5. ya cool I guess lol!

    by the way… don’t click any links on mimo’s site. especially not to go to mimo.cc or else you will get rick rolled lol!

    well he’s smart… dang don’t think mimo is reading my emails… well hopefully he’s smart enough to go to “cached” page on noob-alrus’ site and pretty much get the fbi involved and make walrus go to prison lol…

    eeeeek this month is really like cp dooms month! ahhhh lol, omg why am i keep saying lol, anyways ya boxcreator, hopefully they use your idea!


  6. When I email the CP team, Katie the moderator replies it back to me. So what’s up? I’m doing great but I don’t go online on weekdays now. When it’s summer vacation, I’m going to join on YouTube!

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