Sledding and Dancing Updates

Today (Finally) The Upgrades for Sledding and Dancing are here! The item for sledding is a Toboggan. This is what it looks like in your inventory:

Here is the Game Upgrades page:

The items are:

*Toboggan 300 Coins

Here is me wearing the Toboggan on my playercard:

Here is me playing Sled Racing with the Toboggan:

I cant find the SWF for the Sled Song but I found the Box Dimension Song 

Dancing Game Upgrades:

There has been 4 new Upgrades and 3 new songs.

You can now choose expert mode as a difficulty in Multiplayer:

The 3 new songs are…

Let’s Bounce:

Go West:

Patrick’s Jig:

I like Lets Bounce the best out of the 3 new ones but I like Epic Win the best  🙂

Do you know the SWF for the new Sled Song? If you do, comment it please.

*Box Creator* aka Muddboy4000

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