New Pin and More

Hey Penguins! So far nothing has been updated but the new pin XP

I wish CP would update faster……

Anyways, the pin is located at the Dojo Courtyard. Me and Joji found it:

Its a Bonsai Tree! Cool 😀

Im getting annoyed of CP saying that something is coming and it doesnt…

Well, when the Updates come, I will keep you updated!!!

*Box Creator* aka Muddboy4000


6 Responses

  1. i am getting bored of waiting on CP 😦

  2. Heeeey cool man!


  3. Hey Muddgirl And Muddyboy check Out my site i Have made some updates on it so ya please check it out im goin to make it a really cool site u too Joji please visit my site!

  4. lol y a tree?! thnx 4 the post xDD[visit me site when you have time]

  5. Hey mudd i closed my site cause nobody visited it anymore so ya also i was wonderin if could be a author on your site? Please comment back!

  6. i went to your site though!

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