Request Mail I Sent To Club Penguin

Hey Everyone!

I have sent a request to CP about some updates they should do. Here it is:
Hello! I have some ideas that could make club penguin better. First of all, when you go to the choose server page before you log in theres a happy face on the left side of a server.(it means your buddies are on but you already knew that)I think that you could click a little button on the side of the happy face to see which of your buddies are on. This would be helpful because sometimes when I log on a server, none of my buddies are on, even though it says that a buddy is on. Another idea could be about postcards. Maybe you could make a postcard with a picture and no words and then you can type in a sentence or two. This would help a lot because if one of your buddies was not there, you could send them a postcard saying, “Welcome Back” so when that person gets back they can see what you said. You can manage a penguin saying something bad in the postcards too. Those things would help me around Club penguin A lot 😀

Thanks for time reading this. I hope you can consider these things.

Do you like these ideas? If you do, please contact Club penguin and help make these things be part of Club Penguin.


10 Responses

  1. kool!


  2. LOL box creator’s new pic is funny or should i say muddboy lol!


  3. Yeah its that shamwow guy accept the face is a cartoon :mrgreen:

  4. lol

  5. ooh i do like those ideas! and the ne wpic is funny “muddboy” or box creator. wich 1 do u like better?

  6. Muddboy! lol, i see it now, ya shamwow lol!


  7. lCool i agree with the updates! hey Muddyboy Want to be a Author on my site?

  8. sure!

  9. hey where ya get that new cp banner i could not find it on cp! o can ya email the widget code

    Muddgirl4000: My email isnt really working but here is the widget code:

  10. o where ya get the games hehehe sorry or could ya give me the widget code lol im nosy

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