A New Friend

Hey Everyone!

Both Me and My Brother got to meet a very nice friend. Her name is Alisontaylor. I managed to get a group picture:

Alysontaylor is a big fan of our blog. Thanks Alyson for meeting us. We love meeting fans 🙂

If anyone else would like to meet us, just schedule a good time and date and we will meet you 😀

~Muddgirl4000~ and *Box Creator*

4 Responses

  1. OMG!!! I was so glad and x-cited 2 meet u 2! Thx 4 putting me on ur site! u guys r the best friends a penguin cud have! :mrgreen:

  2. Hey I’d like to meet you! That would be so cool! Can I meet you at your igloo in the server Alpine at 5:30 PM real time? Please respond.


    Muddgirl4000: Today?

  3. oh, and mudd?(boy or girl either 1) can u add me 2 muddy’s buddies?

  4. oooo ooooo ooooo i wanna meet u next tell me when by email jcp526@yahoo.com

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