Happy Earth Day!

Hey Penguins!

As you may know its Earth Day!

What are you doing to save the earth? You could go green on CP:

You could buy green puffle:

Or Two, Or Three, Or Four, Or More:

You can play Lime Green Dojo Clean:

What else can you do thats green? Save the Earth and Turn Green!!!!!!



6 Responses

  1. Cool, I love Earth Day! (And The Lime Green Color) 😀

  2. yea earth day so rox! and i did all of those things u said! :mrgreen:

  3. muddgirl come on fjord dock im havin a party im jp568

  4. when?! now?! go on now!!! Im on uh vanilla at the ummmm my iggy is open

    Muddgirl4000: My bro is at ur iggy 🙂

  5. L

  6. My penguin’s birthday is on Earth Day. I did my party last Friday and all my best friends were happy! In school, my classmates and I planted REAL flowers in plastic cups! Mine is growing fast.

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