Mimo777’s Site Hacked

Hey Penguinz! Remember when Muddgirl was talking about the hacker Edited? Well, Mimo’s Secet Site has been hacked by them 😦

Here is a picture:

It says down for maintence, but it has not been fixed yet.

Watch out bloggers because Edited is going to hack other blogs in the future, so stop them before its too late! Click Here to visit their blog. Look at the terrible things they said about Mimo Here.

It looks like nothing is going to stop them but if somebody else hacks them 😦

*Box Creator*


4 Responses

  1. I’m not sure about this, but I think Mimo should downlaod “Cyber Ghost” the best. Pretty good software so he won’t be raided that easily.

    Anyways, I got banned from that site and I can’t view it.

    I was banned forever, cause i sorta spammed comment on his site… and like after and hour or so it said “Your Computer Adress has been blacklisted for Abuse or soemting”. Can someone give me like Snap shots of his site please?

    Right now, I’m figuring out the best anti-virus program majigy or a tool that would help stop the maddness.


  2. Minos site did not get hacked. He upgraded his chat then he upgraded the rest of his site. And please stop talking about those hackers. That’s what they want is to get famous they are loosers please take there name off it site thx

    Muddgirl4000: Ok

  3. Those walruses are losers and they suck out loud they r teh 1s who should be banned!!!

  4. He’s gonna hack other sites in the future? Whoa!
    He ain’t hackin’ mine! If he hacks other people’s sites and mine, we’ll settle it like men. I’LL SUE HIM! That’ll teach him a lesson! He is L! 7! Weenie!
    Just sayin…


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