Club Penguin Times —– Issue #183

Update: Hi Muddgirl4000, I’ll help you post again LOL! 🙂

Hey guys! A new issue of Club Penguin Times came already! Check it out!

We start off with the headliines… KOOL! Finally new features for the “Sled Race” game!!!

Whoa, the hippi on the left kinda looks creepy… Anyways, on April 24th will be the official date you can buy gears for the game, or should I say “upgrades” LOL!

Yaaaay! New songs… for members only!? Well, I’m getting a bit tired of the three old songs, but I can’t believe the “new tracks” are for members only! What an outrage! Hopefully in a few weeks time, the new songs will also be available to non-members too. The offical day for the songs to be available in the Night Club is April 24th.

This week’s “In Focus” talks about the different kind of sports in Club Penguin. Mostly about the popular sports such as surfing and hockey. Suprisingly, I didn’t know “Snow Ball Fights” was a sport… weird eh?

For all of you newbies, here is a small guide on getting that 100 coins from bringing “Mullet” up the surface.

Here is a review about the “April Fools” party. In my opinion, I didn’t think the party was “the-best”. Even though many of the boxes performed many animations, there was a a lack in artwork for the background. Five cool things about the party was probably the “Box Store” where you can buy boxes and make “art”, going through the “Box Dimention” from you igloo, decorating your igloo with tons of boxes (which was really affordable and cheap), wrapping from one area to another in CP, and meeting Box Creator!

Wow, Club Penguin! We aren’t blind or anything, gosh! Comparing to older issues of the “Club Penguin Times”, the events section of the newspaper is like… like blown up into mega! I can’t beleive CP only put 3 new events! In the newspaper, there are 2 more new updates such as new gear and new music for games! CP really needs to improve you know. The Chocolate Bunny pin will stay up until May 7th.

I have a good feeling better and cooler things are coming up soon! The new “Igloo Catalog” and “Penguin Style” might include related features from the upcoming “Mediaeval Times” party. Many new game updates are coming, and I wonder if series 3 of the CP toys will come out yet. LOL, well that’s all for now!



2 Responses

  1. Hey guess what… 5000 hits!!! PARTY TIME!!

  2. oh yeah! i just noticed. i will get an invitation soon 😀

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