A New Secret CP Website?

I have some cool information:

This all started when I went on to “Frozen” today. Well there were a bunch of “Red Construction Betas” and one of them kept saying “GO TO CPIP SLASH BETA” so I went on Clubpenguin.com/cpip/beta but nothing happened.

So then I tried Cpip.clubpenguin.com and you know how the old Club Penguin owner chat was icebox.clubpenguin.com?

Well when I went on cpip.clubpenguin.com it said “PLEASE LOG IN” and I was going “What?” Then I realized that that was the NEW club penguin owner chat box.

You can see for yourself Here.

*Box Creator*


2 Responses

  1. umm i dont get it…

  2. cool, must be a secret project maybe?

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