Rocketsnail Is Back Up

Rocket Snail is starting to post on his old site again! You can even email questions to him. He hasnt done much yet though , at the moment only 2 posts. Here is what it looks like so far:

To see bigger picture click on it 🙂

Rocketsnail’s logo is: Small Bursts Of Imagination

To go to his blog Click Here

*Box Creator*


5 Responses

  1. UMMM OK?

  2. yeah its kinda boring :/

  3. this is the best site ever! 🙂

  4. i kno he shud put more stuff on it! like ur site!

  5. sorry about not putting ur name on the post i was in a rush cuz i had to leave for school sry 😦 😦 do u forgive me?

    Muddgirl4000: Yes i forgive you 🙂

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