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Sup! My Name is J.T. But you can call me Box Creator or whatever you want to call me. (Im not the real box creator on CP though :s) Im not really new because im Muddgirl4000’s bro. I hang out with her on CP whenever I can. I hope that I can meet you someday!

Here is a pic of me:

Yes I know im not a member and my name is weird. I dont know why…

Sooo anyways, Waddle on!

*The Box Creator*

10 Responses

  1. 1st comment! lol! so ur her bro? kewl! cant wait to c u in CP

  2. wait if ur not a member then how do u have the coat

  3. He has a toy code…I had 2 codes but i used them xD

  4. Thanks for commenting on my site i didnt knwo Mudd had a brother cool!

  5. o yea i knew that

  6. o ur welcome!

  7. emmm ur name is probably censored, because the numbers after your name might of refered to drugs or something.

    Example: 420 refers to drugs.


    Box Maker: Yeah, My old penguin name was Blakk Poizon. Sounds like drugs…

  8. hmmm weirdness dident no mudd had bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUDDBOY!!! LOL just kidding

    Box Maker:Well actually, I made a penguin named Muddboy4000 but it ended up as Penguin86473425 so I just use my other one 🙂

  9. so now u changed ur self to box maker? i’m confused lol!


  10. Lolz i was right XD

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