Club Penguin Times Issue #182

Hi guys Muddgirl forgot the newspaper post so here they are!
Here are the new updates for the Club Penguin Times newspaper!

Hmmm looking at the headlines, tommmorow is the Easter Egg hunt! kool!

Darn! I wanted “Ruby and Ruby” to be the winner! I don’t really like “Quest for the Golden Puffle” very much. 😦

Wow, Sensei is going to place the Easter Eggs everywhere this year? Could this mean you could meet Sensei and get his background card? Who knows!?

Some topic about vheichles that are used in Club Penguin… but nothing about the “Treker” vheicle.

I was astonished to what Gary said. He said how he is currently working on a new “sled prototype”. This might mean a new game for CP coming soon!

For those who don’t look at blogs very much, this might be new to them…

Easter Egg hunt tommorow, new igloo catalog coming soon, the boring play coming out tommorow… and that’s pretty much.

This week’s newspaper is really short I have to say! Quite dissapointing. Of coarse, what do you expect? There are ups and downs. Life is not perfect am I correct?



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  1. Im having a coin code contest! You should check it out!

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